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Quick & Chunky Purse


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5 mm Macrame Cord

I used Bernat Macrame Cord to make the bag pictured, but any other macrame cord or t-shirt yarn could easily be substituted. 


15 mm 


  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors


  • Beginning chain DOES NOT count as a stitch


  • slst – Slipstitch
  • ch – Chain
  • sc – Single Crochet


My purse measures approximately 7.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide (not including the strap).

It can easily be adjusted:

  • To adjust the width of the bag add or omit stitches from your starting chain 
  • To adjust the height add or omit any number of the repeated rows
  • To adjust the strap length, chain any number to make the strap your desired length


Ch 11


  • sc in the 2nd ch from your hook and each stitch across until you reach the last ch
  • 3 sc in the last ch

*You will now work across the bottom of the chain

  • sc across until you reach the last ch
  • 2 sc in the last ch
  • Do not join, you will be working in continuous rows

ROW 2 – 11

  • sc in each stitch around
  • Do not join at the end of each row

When you reach the end of Row 11 you will not end at the side of the bag, continue to sc until you reach one stitch before the centre of the side where you’d like your strap to begin, slst into the next stitch.

Ch 60 tightly, join to the opposite side of the bag with a slst.


Fasten off and weave in ends!


The photographs and pattern contained in this document are the property of Black Rose Stitches. Unauthorized reproduction, in whole or in part, or distribution of this pattern or content is prohibited. 

ALL FINISHED PRODUCTS created using this pattern may be sold locally or online. If selling finished products online, please give my shop credit for the pattern.

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